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Welcome to HealthCareTN – an employer-led business coalition combining the rich legacies and crucial work of both HealthCare 21 Business Coalition and the Memphis Business Group on Health into one statewide coalition.

We're Stronger Together

HealthCareTN is a community of visionary employers committed to transforming the healthcare landscape by working together on critical issues that impact employers and their employees. Organized across Tennessee, HealthCareTN serves employers by creating:

One Voice

We unite leading employers on a shared mission: driving meaningful change in healthcare value. We amplify our impact and create a powerful force that reshapes the narrative of healthcare value.

One Focus

We activate employers to influence and transform the healthcare market, fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership.

Leading Employers

We engage the state’s foremost employers, providing expertise and crucial resources that allow them to focus on providing the health benefits essential for their organization’s success.

We Have a Statewide Vision


Create market reform through the collective voice of Tennessee employers


Enhance employee benefit and employee health and well-being effectiveness


Support employer sharing, networking, and learning


Connect to national efforts and tackle regional priorities in major Tennessee markets

We Offer More

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Impact with over 600,000 covered lives in TN

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Focus on critical issues impacting employers

Speaking at Conference

Leading employers across the state to network and share best practices 

Office Meeting

Employer perspectives to address challenges

All to drive meaningful change in your healthcare benefits.

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Our statewide strengths, influential partnerships, and innovative solutions help members as they work to deliver health benefits crucial for organizational success. Recognizing that collaboration is key to overcoming challenges, we emphasize the power of unity, and foster a collective effort where shared insights, resources, and determination converge to impact transformative change.


Key Partnerships


HCTN is committed to quality in partnership
with Leapfrog.

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HCTN partners with Innovu for data insight and analytics solutions.
CLICK HERE for data insight resources.


HCTN is part of a national organization of
like-minded coalitions.

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